Here is a well explained video for how to TCP/IP 3-way handshake in WireShark tool



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1. Open /system/Host Name



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 To verify a certificates thru OCSP responder is more demanding in these days and here is simple steps to test OCSP responder from your network environment. 

1. Install OpenSSL. It's free tools and used as OCSP client. In this example, window 64bit version is installed.


 During installation, "OpenSSL-Win64 directory name is used.  
ex> C:/OpenSSL-Win64/bin> openssl




2. From the prompt "OpenSSl>" type "ocsp -issuer issuer_cert.pem -cert cert.pem -text -CAfile 

Root_cert.pem -url http://ocsp.disa.mil:80"


- issuer_cert.pem in PEM Format ; It would be the issuer certificate. The issuer is the one that issued the certificate in question.

- cert.pem in PEM Format ; This is the file for the certificate that you want to verify to the OCSP responder.


- Root_cert.pem in PEM Format ; It is would be DoD PKI Root CA-2's certificate ( See #4 how to get it)



* issuer_cert.pem, cert.pem and Root_cert.pem are should be located at C:/OpenSSL-Win64/bin directory.
**See #4 in this article to see how to create those files.



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Automatic start VM guest OS, when physical host is restarted.


1. Check the following pictures




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 Yes, there are few way to convert a virtual appliance to ESXi. Here is quick steps


1. Install "VMware vCenter Converter Standalone". It's free

2. From "VMware vCenter Converter", choose "Convert Machine"



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While I was executing a java applet, I got below error message. Yes, I installed latest of java s/w. Why? getting error message "Window cannot find 'javaw'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again."



Actually, it was very simple to fix. It was related path issue.

You need to find java directory and make a path.


set PATH=%PATH%;c:\java\bin


See below article to make a change for the java path





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