Cisco CLI command you are looking for is this

service timestamps debug datetime localtime
service timestamps log uptime


It was before like below

1w6d: IP: tableid=0, s= (local), d= (Vlan77), routed via FIB
1w6d: IP: s= (local), d= (Vlan77), len 41, sending
1w6d: IP: s= (local), d= (Vlan77), len 41, sending full packet


After applied above command, now Cisco log timestemp is changed like below


Oct 24 10:09:49: IP: tableid=0, s= (local), d= (Vlan77), routed via FIB
Oct 24 10:09:49: IP: s= (local), d= (Vlan77), len 56, sending

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CoPP (Control Plane Policying) should be used to protect RP on the Cisco devices by unnecessary and malicious traffic. The traffic managed by the RP(Route Processor) is divided into three functional planes, Data plane, Management Plane, Control plane.
How identify control plane traffic? simply said traffic is destined to the device that you want to apply. such as Routing traffic, SNMP, SSH, Telnet, NTP and so on.
Basically, you want to project, reserve and limit to communication route to the device.
It uses a MQC(Modular QoS CLI). See below template.
Don't forget to apply control plane interface.


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If you want to hide 'Administrator' account on window XP logon screen


1. Run 'regedit.exe' from and find 'UserList'

How to hide administrator on windowns logon1.JPG


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It took a time to figure out how to make it work RADIUS on Cisco ACS server. Actually, it was fairely easy to setup. 


1. Setup RADIUS option on Interface configuration mode.


How to setup APC with RADIUS on Cisco ACS for Windows pic 1



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LFI stands for Link Fragmentation and interleaving is not of QoS mechanism. However, it is help for real-time traffic such as VOIP on small size of link. LFI on Multilink PPP allows large packets to be fragmented into a small size to fit a minimum delay requirement for real-time traffic. Also, interleaving function provides a special transmit queue for the high priority traffic can be sent earlier than others.

1. Configuring LFI on Multilink PPP

Router-LFI-1#conf t
Router-LFI-1(config)# interface multilink 1
Router-LFI-1(config-if)# ppp multilink fragment delay 10 ; 10ms for VOIP delay requirement
Router-LFI-1(config-if)# ppp multilink interleave
Router-LFI-1(config-if)# ip address
Router-LFI-1(config-if)# bandwidth 1536 ; Specify for auto fragmentation calculation
Router-LFI-1(config-if)# ppp multilink endpoint hostname

Router-LFI-1(config-if)# interface serial1/0
Router-LFI-1(config-if)# encapsulation ppp
Router-LFI-1(config-if)# ppp multilink group 1


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Came across good Cisco IP routing concept and fundametal videos on Internet. It produced by Routehub is Premium Cisco Consulting provider of Cisco Products, Solutions, Training, and Professional Services for small, medium, and large-sized businesses. Visit Routehub.com to see more useful information.

Part I



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