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Out of the box, Avaya ERS 55xx switch system will indicate below time clock.


ERS_5520# show clock
   System Clock time  :    THU JAN 01 00:02:01 1970
   Current SNTP time  :    Not Set
   Daylight saving recurring time is disabled
   Daylight saving time is disabled
   Time zone offset from UTC is 00:00

ERS_5520# show ntp
  NTP client enabled : false
  NTP polling interval : 15 minutes
  Last NTP update:

ERS_5520#show sntp
  SNTP Status:                    disabled
  Primary server address:
  Secondary server address:
  Sync interval:                  24 hours
  Last sync source:     
  Primary server sync failures:   1
  Secondary server sync failures: 0
  Last sync time:                 Not Set
  Next sync time:                 Not Set
  Current time:                   Not Set



Here is how to configure NTP by CLI.

Given condition

- NTP sources : &
- US Estern time zone
- Summer-time : 3/11/2013 ~ 11/4/2013.
- H/W : Avaya ERS 5500 with ver. v6.2.1.003

[Avaya ERS 5520]

ERS_5520# Conf t
ERS_5520(config)# sntp server primary address
ERS_5520(config)# sntp server secondary address
ERS_5520(config)# sntp enable
ERS_5520(config)# clock time-zone EST -5
ERS_5520(config)# clock summer-time recurring 2 sunday march 00:00 1 sunday november 00:00 60

ERS_5520(config)# clock summer-time EDT date march 11 2013 00:00 November 4 2013 00:00

* NTP summer-time recurring option is available after S/W ver.

ERS_5520# show clock




* NTP command will support by S/W ver.







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