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[ Login & Password ]

If admin / siemens doesn't work, try admin/none
default, no pwd, just enter
user : admin, rw, ro

C2(SU)-> set system login 'username' {super-user|read-write|read-only}{enale|disable}
C2(SU)-> clear system login 'username'
C2(SU)-> show system login

for rw and ro = set password
for admin = set system login

C2(SU)-> set password rw
C2(SU)-> set system password length 7

[ Assign IP address ]

C2(SU)-> set ip address x.x.x.x mask x.x.x.x gateway x.x.x.x
C2(SU)-> clear ip address

[ Webview ]

Default : enable
C2(SU)-> show webview : to see status of webview (default enable)
C2(SU)-> set webview enable : to enable webview
- login :
C2(SU)-> show webview

WebView is Enabled

[ Set time ]

C2(SU)-> set time 7:50:00
C2(SU)-> set summertime enable

[ Set prompt ]

C2(SU)-> set prompt "switch 1"

[ Set system contact ]

C2(SU)-> set system name "Enterasys-C2.1"
C2(SU)-> set system location "Main Bldg 2nd Floor"
C2(SU)-> set system contact "ipBalance Admin (888-999-0000) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "

[ Save configuration ]

C2(SU)-> save config

[ Configure ]

C2(SU)-> configure configs/Jan1_2004.cfg

[ Set command ]

C2(SU)-> set switch description 1 : describe switch name or location
C2(SU)-> set ip address {x.x.x.x} mask {} gateway {x.x.x.x}
C2(SU)-> clear ip address
C2(SU)-> set time [mm/dd/yyyy][hh:mm:ss]
C2(SU)-> set logout 10 : closing session idle in 10 min
C2(SU)-> set port [enable|diable]
C2(SU)-> set port duplex
C2(SU)-> set cdp state disable fe.1.2
C2(SU)-> set cdp state disable fe.1.3
C2(SU)-> set vlan create 2
C2(SU)-> set vlan create 3
C2(SU)-> set vlan name 1 Management
C2(SU)-> set vlan egress 1 fe.1.1 tagged
C2(SU)-> set vlan egress 1 fe.1.22 untagged
C2(SU)-> set vlan egress 2 fe.1.1 tagged
C2(SU)-> set vlan egress 2 fe.1.2-14 untagged
C2(SU)-> set port alias fe.1.1 'To Computer room N1.1 Port 2'
C2(SU)-> set port vlan fe.1.14 2

[ show ]

C2(SU)-> show config port
C2(SU)-> show switch
C2(SU)-> show switch status 1
C2(SU)-> show system
C2(SU)-> show system hardware : to get serial#, MAC, Firmware version etc
C2(SU)-> show system utilization {cpu|storage}
C2(SU)-> show time
C2(SU)-> show console
C2(SU)-> show telnet
C2(SU)-> show system login : user login account info
C2(SU)-> show system lockout
C2(SU)-> show ip address
C2(SU)-> show ip protocol : shown "system IP address acquisition method: dhcp
C2(SU)-> show config port
C2(SU)-> show cdp
C2(SU)-> show port fe.1.14 (ex, show port *.*.*)
C2(SU)-> show port status fe.1.14 : shown on status of information for fe.1.14
C2(SU)-> show port counters fe.1.14
C2(SU)-> show port negotiation fe.1.14
C2(SU)-> show port broadcast fe.1.14
C2(SU)-> show spantree stats
C2(SU)-> show boot system

[ Lag ]

C2(SU)-> show lacp lag 0.1
C2(SU)-> set lacp enable
C2(SU)-> set lacp asyspri 1000
C2(SU)-> set lacp aadminkey lag.0.1 2000
C2(SU)-> set lacp static lag.0.6 fe.1.6
C2(SU)-> set lacp singleportlag enable
C2(SU)-> set port lacp fe.3.16 aadminkey 3555

[ Clear ]

C2(SU)-> clear config
C2(SU)-> clear vlan 3
C2(SU)-> clear vlan name 9
C2(SU)-> clear port vlan fe.1.3,fe.1.11
C2(SU)-> clear vlan egress 1 fe2.1
C2(SU)-> clear VNRAM

[ Reset ]

C2(SU)-> reset or reset 1 : reload switch 1

[ Configuration example ]

C2(SU)-> dir
C2(SU)-> show configuration outfile configs/
C2(SU)-> copy configs/ tftp://

using notepad, modify config

C2(SU)-> copy tftp:// configs/jan11_2006.cfg

C2(SU)-> dir
C2(SU)-> configure configs/  : unit will reboot onto the modified config file

C2(SU)-> configure configs/Jan11_2006.cfg  :  to execute the"jan11_2006.cfg" configurationn file
C2(SU)-> delete configs/jan11_2006.cfg

C2(SU)-> clear config all
C2(SU)-> clear NVRAM

C2(SU)-> show snmp persistmode manual : manual save config
C2(SU)-> save config

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